Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

10 Day Long Workshops on the formulation of NSSS Action Plan (Phase 2) held from 15 March to 7 April 2021

The Cabinet Division organized a series of workshops from 15 March to 07 April 2021 (ten working days) with the objective of drafting the Action Plan (Phase-II, 2021-26) for the implementation of National Social Security Strategy (NSSS), which is a long-term (2015-26) road map for social security reforms in Bangladesh. A total of 39 ministries participated in this series of events – five to eight senior officials from 2-5 ministries each day. Due to COVID-19 situation, physical presence at the workshops were limited, only key officials from ministries were physically present at the workshops while the other officials from participating ministries/divisions and their respective departments joined via virtual platform. From Day 8 onwards (5th April to 7th April), workshops were held entirely on virtual platform.

The Secretary (Coordination and Reforms) of Cabinet Division, Mr. Md. Kamal Hossain attended each workshop as the chief guest while the Additional Secretary (Coordination), Mr. Md. Shamsul Arefin presided over the meetings. Mr. Mohammad Khaled Hasan, Joint Secretary of Cabinet Division conducted the hands-on working session. The Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh with technical assistance from DFAT and UNDP is provided technical supports in the workshops.

Participating ministries/divisions in this series of the workshops are:

Day 1 – 15 March 2021

  1. Ministry of Social Welfare
  2. Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.
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Day 2 – 16 March 2021

  1. Ministry of Primary and Mass Education
  2. Secondary and Higher Education Division
  3. Technical and Madrasah Education Division.
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Day 3 – 21 March 2021

  1. Ministry of Food
  2. Ministry of Agriculture
  3. Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
  4. Ministry of Liberation War Affairs.
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Day 4 – 22 March 2021

  1. Ministry of Labour and Employment
  2. Economic Relations Division (ERD)
  3. Financial Institution Division (FID)
  4. Finance Division
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Day 5 – 31 March 2021

  1. Cabinet Division
  2. Health Services Division
  3. Medical Education and Family Welfare Division
  4. Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment
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Day 6 – 01 April 2021

  1. Ministry of Youth and Sports
  2. Rural Development and Cooperatives Division
  3. Local Government Division
  4. Ministry of Chattogram Hill Tracts Affairs
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Day 7 – 04 April 2021

  1. Ministry of Disaster Management
  2. Prime Minister’s Office
  3. Ministry of Land
  4. Ministry of Housing and Public Works
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Day 8 – 05 April 2021

  1. General Economics Division
  2. Planning Division
  3. Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division
  4. Statistics and Informatics Division
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Day 9 – 06 April 2021

  1. Ministry of Cultural Affairs
  2. Ministry of Industries
  3. ICT Division
  4. Posts and Telecommunications Division
  5. Ministry of Water Resources
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Day 10 (Final Day) – 07 April 2021

  1. Ministry of Commerce
  2. Ministry of Religious Affairs
  3. Ministry of Public Administration
  4. Ministry of Textiles and Jute
  5. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
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