Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh


Non-State Actor Report on Social Protection: A Mapping of Social Protection Needs for the Marginalized Communities in Bangladesh

View Document The "Non-State Actors Report on Social Protection: Mapping Social Protection for Marginalized Communities in Bangladesh" offers a comprehensive examination of Bangladesh's social protection...

Implementation of National Social Security Strategy (NSSS)

View Document Record Notes of Sreemangal Workshop The workshop on Implementation of National Social Security Strategy (NSSS) was organized on 30 September to 1 October 2022...

NSSS Action Plan II (2021-26) – An Overview

Shock Responsive Social Protection Model in Urban Settings of Bangladesh

View Document Bangladesh, one of the world's most densely populated nations, has experienced rapid urbanization. This urban shift, while indicative of socio-economic transitions, has exposed...

Climate-induced Shock Responsive Disaster Resilience Mapping for Adaptive Social Protection Programming of the at-Risk Population in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh (Draft)

View Document The frequency and magnitude of disasters are changing regularly. People around the world are experiencing more natural and human-induced disasters than ever before....