Vision and Goal

The NSPS is the first step in a long-term process of reform to the national SPS. The aspiration is to build a system that is appropriate for a progressive middle-income country and which supports the realisation of the right to social security that is set out in the national Constitution, as well as in a range of international conventions agreed by Bangladesh. However, it is envisaged that this may take two decades to achieve. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the long-term vision for the SPS, as well as the more detailed objectives for the next five years.

In the long-term the objective is to move towards building a social protection system that is available to all Bangladeshis, providing everyone with a guaranteed minimum income but also a comprehensive safety net for those who suffer shocks and crises that may push them into poverty.  Therefore, the long-term vision for social protection is to:

  • Build an inclusive SPS for all Bangladeshis that effectively tackles and prevents poverty and rising inequality and contributes to broader human development, employment and economic growth.

The current NSPS is designed with this long-term vision in mind. Therefore, over the next five years the Government would take appropriate steps towards achieving this vision, while being cognizant of the reality that substantial change will take time. The Government will focus on building the foundations of a progressive and inclusive system.

Over the next five years, the goal for the NSPS is to:

  • Reform the national SPS by ensuring more efficient and effective use of resources, strengthened delivery systems and progress towards a more inclusive form of social protection that effectively tackles lifecycle risks, prioritising the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.