Thematic Clusters

The NSSS suggests some administrative arrangements for smooth functioning and coordination of the social security programmes undertaken by the line ministries. One of such newer arrangements is to provide a platform of coordination for ministries/divisions with identical types of social security programmes. Such ministries/divisions have been grouped into five clusters to coordinate their programmes for avoiding probable overlapping. The five clusters as recommended in the NSSS are shown in the following diagram:

In order to give effect to the recommendations of the NSSS the Cabinet Division has issued a circular clearly defining the structure of the thematic clusters and their roles. The thematic clusters are as follows:

  1. Social Allowance Cluster
  2. Food Security & Disaster Assistance Cluster
  3. Social Insurance Cluster
  4. Labour/Livelihood Intervention Cluster
  5. Human Development and Social Empowerment Cluster

Terms of Reference of Thematic Clusters

The terms of reference of the thematic clusters are as follows:

  • To reform, consolidate and integrate social security programmes in the light of the NSSS and to coordinate the action plans of ministries within each thematic cluster;
  • To coordinate NSSS action plans of the Ministries/Divisions within the cluster and to submit the integrated action plans to the Central Management Committee
  • To coordinate with the Finance Division for securing necessary budgetary allocations for implementation of action plans;
  • To identify rules and regulations relating to the social security programmes of the cluster to be amended for the sake of implementing the NSSS;
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of implementation of the action plans of the Ministries/Divisions within the clusters;
  • To design integrative plans for different programmes to ensure correct targeting and their effective implementation