Human Development and Social Empowerment Cluster

Social security increases access to public services and investment in human capital, particularly health and education, helping to raise productivity and supporting the participation of the poor in labour markets. The cluster of human development has been formed with the ministries which have mandates in human development activities. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has the largest programmes in this cluster. Therefore, this ministry has been made the cluster coordinator.

advantaged people. Main objectives of the cluster are to coordinate school stipends and to facilitate linkages between social security programmes and training programmes/facilities for children and young people to promote human development. Another important objective of the cluster is to advance an enabling environment for social justice and equity.

Cluster Formation
  1. Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief - Coordinator
  2. Local Government Division
  3. Rural Development and Cooperatives Division
  4. Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
  5. Ministry of Social Welfare
  6. Finance Division
  7. Ministry of Labour and Employment
  8. Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock