Labour/Livelihood Intervention Cluster

Employment is considered as the main route out of poverty for most poor people. However, the poor suffer from many kinds of deprivation that are decisive entry barriers to finding gainful employment: lack of human capital, lack of productive assets, lack of support from social networks and lack of hope and aspirations. Social security can help people in finding work, especially in the lean season. Creating job or assisting people in finding employment is also a part of broader livelihoods interventions. 

The vision of this cluster is to ensure sufficient livelihood for the poor. The main objectives of the cluster are to consolidate workfare programmes, to facilitate social security recipients’ engagement with the labour market and to ensure congenial working environment for all, including women.

Cluster Formation
  1. Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief – Coordinator
  2. Local Government Division
  3. Rural Development and Cooperatives Division
  4. Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
  5. Ministry of Social Welfare
  6. Finance Division
  7. Ministry of Labour and Employment
  8. Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
  9. Ministry of Agriculture