Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

Rural Development of Greater Comilla

The target of the project is to improve the rural road transport network and ultimately reduce the transport cost and create marketing facility of the produces through improvement of bridge/culverts.

  1. Overall improvement of the communication network to facilitate production and marketing of agricultural and non-agricultural products and socio-economic development of the project area.
  2. To remove physical bottlenecks and reduce costs of rural transportation and marketing.
  3. Contribute towards poverty reduction and improve quality of life by expanding commercial activities through development of Growth Centres/Rural markets.
  4. Create both short term and long term employment opportunities.
  5. To improve the environmental condition through tree plantation by the side of Roads
Improvement of Upazila Road by BC Km 48.32
 Improvement of Union Road by BC Km 141.17
 Improvement of Village Road type-A &B by BC Km 400.00
Construction of bridge/culvert on Upazilla Roads M 349.00
 Construction of bridge/culvert on Union Roads M 389.20
 Construction of bridge/culvert on Village Road type-A & B M 1248.50
 Development of GC/Rural Market No. 20.00
 Tree Plantation & Care Taking Km 100.00
 Protection Works M 10000
Maintenance & Rehabilitation of backlog schemes   6500.00 Lakh Taka

Local Implementation: (who implements the programme at the local level): The Project is implemented by the Local Government Engineering Department through a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) headed by a   Project Director. The PD will be a senior Civil Engineer deputed from LGED who will be assisted by required number of support staff. The PIU will be established at LGED HQ, Dhaka. The district level Executive Engineer, LGED will be responsible for implementing all the physical programmed of the project at the district level under the guidance of the Project Director.
Coverage (Geographic) & Beneficiary Number (male/female) (Latest record, indicate year): The project will cover all Upazilas under  Comilla, Brahmanbaria & Chandpur districts.

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