Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

Fund for Climate Change

This is a fund to help Bangladesh enhance its role as the key climate change focal point for Bangladesh both in national and international arenas;

  • To gain access to global climate funds through obtaining recognition as the National Implementing Entity (NIE);
  • To ensure active participation on behalf of the government in climate negotiations in the regional and global forums;
  • To undertake more projects responding to the increasing demands arising from the need of strengthening resilience of the climate affected people across the country;
  • To undertake projects for reclamation of land, particularly in the coastal areas so that the space can be increased for economic activity and human habitation;
  • To expand its activities by paying adequate attention to all the thematic areas defined by BCCSAP 2009;
  • To establish itself as a hub of knowledge management and research on climate change in Bangladesh.

To provide administrative and organisational support to the Trustee Board and the Technical Committee formed under Climate Change Trust Act, 2010;
–          To receive and scrutinize the project proposals from different ministries and divisions;
–          To implement the decisions of the Trustee Board;
–          To manage Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF);
–          To release funds for the projects approved by the Trustee Board;
–          To coordinate with the Climate Change Focal Points of different ministries or divisions;
–          To communicate with different stakeholders related to climate change including civil society, NGO, private sector and international agencies;
–          To monitor and evaluate the projects approved under CCTF.

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