Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

The National Food Policy : Plan of Action (2008-2015)

“Attaining food security will be possible through a coordinated implementation of the programmes of all concerned ministries and agencies as set in the plan of action framed in the light of the approved food policy with assistance from the coordinating ministries”, National Food Policy, 2006, Section A- Preamble.

The National Food Policy (NFP) endorsed by the Food Planning and Monitoring Committee (FPMC) and thereafter approved by the Cabinet in August 2006, provides strategic guidance on the way to address the key challenges facing Bangladesh in achieving food security in all its dimensions, including food supply and availability, physical, social and economic access to food, as well as nutrition/utilization of food, as embedded in its three core objectives, namely:

NFP Objective 1: Adequate and stable supply of safe and nutritious food

NFP Objective 2: Increased purchasing power and access to food of the people

NFP Objective 3: Adequate nutrition for all individuals, especially women and children

The PoA translates the provisions of the NFP towards achieving its three core objectives into 26 strategic areas of intervention, priority actions to be undertaken in the short term, medium term and long term over the period 2008-2015, identifies responsible actors (government and non-government) and suggests a set of policy targets and indicators for monitoring progress.

The document also provides a set of guidelines regarding inter-ministerial coordination, sectoral planning and budgeting, with a view to promoting implementation effectiveness. It also gives an outline of the strategy for monitoring of progress. It is meant to be a “dynamic” document that will be adjusted and improved as relevant, based on the results of monitoring activities.

As foreseen in the NFP (see NFP preamble) with particular reference to the Food Planning and Monitoring Committee (FPMC), the PoA shall be the guiding document for coordinating the implementation and monitoring of the NFP by all responsible ministries and agencies.


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