Consolidation of Special Programmes and Small Schemes

There are a few high priority special programmes and a large number of small schemes under the present SPS. The special programmes relate to the Government’s commitment to support the freedom fighters and their families. These programmes for freedom fighters will be maintained and consolidated under one scheme called the Freedom Fighter’s Benefit Programme.

In recent years, there has been a rapid expansion in the number of small schemes. Much of this has been led by development partners, usually well intentioned as new approaches have been piloted and specific challenges addressed. However, with the formulation of core programmes of the NSPS, it is important to assess whether these schemes are adding value in terms of innovative ideas with prospects for scaling up. Under the leadership of the Planning Commission, each sponsoring Ministry of these small schemes will be responsible for determining the value of these schemes and, by mid-2015, will present a business case if they believe that the programme should continue. The Planning Commission will, on the basis of the business cases, make proposals to Cabinet on which schemes should continue. Decisions will be finalized by early 2016.