Child Disability Benefit

The children of Bangladesh are the future of the country and children with disabilities are the most vulnerable children. The Government will ensure that every child certified as having a severe disability will be provided with a regular transfer, known as the Child Disability Benefit. This will extend the current Child Disability Grant that is managed by the Ministry of Social Welfare. All children are deserving of this and the income of their care-givers set to incorporate those within the poorest 50% of the population.
Given the priority attached to children with disabilitie that will be the equivalent of the Citizens’ Pension. Therefore, it will commence initially at Tk.800 per child. It is estimated that there will be around 350,000 children eligible for the scheme. The transfer will be paid to the female care care-giver. Children with disabilities will not be excluded from other child-focused benefits.

The Government will develop a mechanism to identify severe disability among children. It will also develop a mechanism for identifying families with incomes below the income threshold.

The introduction of the Child Disability Be and near poor disabled children in the country. Over time, this will make it possible to track their progress in attending school and provide them with additional support such as assistive devices, support with transport, and support with the additional costs they face in attending school. Mechanisms will also be establish to remove children with disabilities from the street, making the Child Disability Benefit conditional on children not being exploited for begging. A system of penalties will be introduced for those who employ children as beggars. Local offices of the new National Social Security Agency (see Chapter 6) will be responsible for monitoring the progress of recipients of the Child Disability Benefit.