Social Protection Support for Children

Children are the future of Bangladesh and it is imperative that they receive support in their early years and while they move through school. Investment in children will not only improve their wellbeing when young but will provide the nation with a much more effective labour force, as they move into adulthood. Many of the challenges that the current working age population face are the result of insufficient investment in them when young. Of course, support for children needs to be provided by a range of public services, in particular education and health. The Government will continue to strengthen its investments in these sectors but will also strengthen a number of core social protection schemes that will directly be targeted at children. The schemes that will be focused on this section are: a) a transfer for young children; b) an expansion of the school stipends; c) ensuring child maintenance payments for abandoned children; d) maternity benefits for working women; and e) a number of complementary schemes that will bring direct benefits to children.