Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED) of Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

Assessment, Scope and a Framework for Introducing NSSS, M&E Dashboard Development

This assignment is the groundwork for developing such a web-based high-level NSSS monitoring and M&E dashboard. The findings, assessment, and outline of this assignment will specifically feed into the development of the dashboard. The requirement of the assignment is to: 1) assess the current technical, institutional, governance, and IT capacities of the major SSN programmes, including identifying the flow of specific SSN programmatic M&E data from the lowest level input to reaching the national records; 2) interview and receive feedback from key stakeholders on their capacities, needs, and inputs on developing such a web-based NSSS and M&E dashboard; and 3) develop the technical outline document for the web-based dashboard, including front-end, back-end, and governance requirements. There are two components needed in the dashboard: 1) the ability to track both operational and programmatic reforms being carried out in the NSSS Action Plans; and 2) the ability to track key data across SSNs. Regarding the former, tracking the NSSS reforms on the dashboard, both operational and programmatic reforms need to be ensured, updated according to NSSS Action Plan progress, and viewable by LM and by Thematic Cluster. Regarding the latter, there needs to be an assessment and mapping of key SSNs, examining how they obtain and record data, e.g., paper, Excel, Management Information System (MIS), who are the focal points, how does data get transferred upstream, and what is the capacity of focal points at each stage of the process. Further, if SSNs focal points are entering data offline or online, regardless of means, it should be examined whether there a point in the upstream process where data can be easily put into the dashboard. The report should assess this and provide options. Finally, where relevant, there can be recommendations for further research on components of the dashboard or research related to areas on M&E and using this data for policy decision-making. Assessments or dialogue events may also be recommended. Any practical and relevant ideas may be incorporated into future programming outputs of SSPS.

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