Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

Expanding social protection

What are the challenges for a developing country like ours?

One major challenge faced by policymakers in most developing countries is that though conventional measurements of poverty are useful in identifying the poor people in general, these measurements fail to capture the critical sections of the population who are vulnerable and extreme poor, and are left out for various reasons including gender, age, geographical location, disability and many other social factors. While the reduction in poverty is an important policy agenda, many poor and extreme poor people as well as vulnerable communities can be left out through the conventional scanners of different poverty reduction programmes. Therefore, social protection is primarily intended to complement the poverty reduction programmes through which this left-out population can be brought under the coverage. It is imperative that an effective designing of social protection system takes into account a comprehensive understanding of the poverty and vulnerability situation of a country, while at the same time be dynamic and forward-looking.
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