Social Security Policy Support (SSPS) Programme

An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

Initiative for Development, Empowerment, Awareness & Livelihood, Kurigram

Bangladesh is one of the least development countries struggling against poverty. Under development together with unemployment together and low income are crucial issues. More than 40% people are below the poverty line which is an important challenge for Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh along with other agencies are trying to ensure the best utilization of potential and resources to improve the condition of the poor. Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB) is the prime government sector agency engaged in rural development and poverty alleviation. Since 1971, BRDB is working with different strategies and have vast experience in this field. In fact, BRDB is mandated for coordination RD & PA activities at the formation and implementation stage. Kurigram in Rangpur Division is one of the most backward districts of Bangladesh.
The total area of Kurigram is 2225.29 sq. km and the population is 1.66 million. Historically, this district had no resources or employment opportunities. There is a low literacy rate. The rate of migration/leaving town for seeking jobs or other activities is also very low. The channels of communication are not up to the mark. Seasonal scarcity in certain periods for every year is an important issue. This is all in a vicious circle of poverty. So poverty is still a big challenge for Kurigram. This means that for socio economic development to occur, a partnership needs to occur between GO, NGO.
The project incorporates coordination, awareness raising, training & motivational work, asset transfer, market linkage and also addresses the roots of poverty etc. for the sustainable development of the poor and helpless people. The following types of training are conducted to address the skill development and socio-economic issues, Mobile servicing, Radio, Television Servicing, Electrical and Electronics, Basic Computer training, Sewing/Tailoring, Handy Works on Cloth, Kitchen Gardening, Livestock vaccination, Poultry/Duck/Pigeon rearing, Pisciculture incase, Cow rearing, Beef fattening, Plant Doctor, Vermy Compost and Quick compost preparation, Mushroom culture, Strawberry cultivation, Food processing, Food & raw material preservation, Seed production & preservation, Nutrition on maternity & child health, Jute ribbon rating, Rural non-farm activities/ Rural Micro entrepreneurship
Eligibility Criteria:
20,540 beneficiaries who are below the poverty line.

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