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An initiative of the Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division (GED), Bangladesh Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

Food Security and Budget: The Perspectives of the Marginalized

The issue of food security has recently attained increased global attention. Bangladesh has been facing tougher challenges in this regard as well. If the pace of inflation, particularly the food inflation continues unabated, the poverty situation will surely worsening our country as well. The upcoming budget will , therefore, have to keep the issue of food security at its centre. The recent experience of public distribution of food targeting the very poor, though not bad, remains a challenge when its effectiveness is considered. Thanks to the bumper boro, food price has been temporarily stabilized. But given the international food price, increased input cost and political uncertainty, it is not easy to obtain a longer term calm in the food front.

Given the backdrops, this study tries to review the Public Food Distribution System in Bangladesh and examines its seasonal and regional responsiveness to vulnerable groups and finally suggests some policy options for budget to maintain food security in Bangladesh.



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