Important Committees


This is an informal committee headed by the Secretary (Coordination and Reforms), Cabinet Division to monitor the implementation of the CMC decisions and also to make recommendation to the CMC on certain issues in detail. The Social Protection Focal points of the CMC ministries are the members of the committee. The Focal Point Committee plays a very significant role in assisting the CMC.

In order to prepare action plans of the NSSS a 13-member NSSS action plan sub-committee has been formed, headed by the Secretary (Coordination and Reforms) of the Cabinet Division. The main responsibility of the sub-com-mittee is to review the progress of the formulation of NSSS action plans of ministries/divisions and the thematic clusters and to conduct coordination as and when required. The sub-committee will submit the NSSS action plans of the Ministries/Divisions and thematic clusters to the CMC. It will also monitor the implementation progress of the NSSS action plans and provide support in troubleshooting any problems when necessary. Recently the committee has completed formulation of NSSS Action Plan which has been approved by the CMC.

In order to coordinate the social protection activities of each thematic cluster and to carry out all the responsibilities of the thematic clusters, cluster committees headed by the Secretaries of the cluster lead ministries have been formed. The focal points of cluster ministries/divisions are members of these committees.

With the objective of monitoring the social security activities at the district level a District Monitoring Committee on Social Security Programmes was formed in each district in 2010. It is a 22-member committee headed by the Deputy Commissioners of the respective districts. The main terms of reference of the committee are to review the social security budget at the district level; to review and coordinate the social security action plans of different departments at the district; to review the policies and procedures of selection of the social security beneficiaries; and to review the overall activities of social security at the district and to provide necessary guidance for implementation of relevant programmes.

There is a social safety net implementation committee in each Upazila. This is a 15-member committee with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) as the chair and the Upazila Chairman as its adviser. The main responsibility of the committee is to finalize and preserve the list of beneficiaries; ensure the delivery of social benefits to the recipients; and to monitor the overall implementation of the social security programmes at the Upazila level. The committee will explore if there is any duplication in beneficiary selection and take measures to stop such duplication.