Implementing Ministries

Ministry/DivisionNumber Of Programme Total Number of Beneficiries (2016-17)Total Budget (2016-17)
Prime Minister’s Office20.0250.125838873
Ministry of Youth and Sports20.0480.270553578
Ministry of Women & Children Affairs1312.742.071848963
Ministry of Primary & Mass Education316.1482.637331109
Ministry of Land10.0380.061145109
Ministry of Housing & Public Works20.260.027684552
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare10440.5082.363077868
Ministry of Food1221.462876903
Ministry of Finance74.29922.25244033
Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief1216.188.380944471
Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs10.7760.319530067
Local Government Division, Rural Development & Cooperatives236.1043.627557203
Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs10.040.010734056
Cabinet Division10.000.0249
Ministry of Social Welfare235.7134.509347941
Ministry of Liberation War Affairs40.2543.239684044
Ministry of Industry20.0140.046132531
Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock50.280.217021721
Ministry of Environment and Forest30.4810.507470425
Ministry of Education95.6082.58217593
Ministry of Agriculture40.090.649227916
Rural Development and Co-operatives Division, Ministry of Local Government91.2880.651191002
Ministry of Water Resources10.010.004404361
Ministry of Labour and Employment21.7430.184416869
Ministry of Cultural Affairs10.000.00