Bangladesh – Tackling Child Malnutrition

the poor nutritional status of Bangladeshi women and children undermines the health and wellbeing of all Bangladeshis and hinders progress towards achieving millennium Development goal (mDg) targets on maternal and child mortality and poverty.

Nationally, 48.6% of children under age five are stunted or short for their age; 13.3% are wasted or underweight for their height; and 37.4% are underweight or low weight for their age.1 there are twice as many stunted children in the poorest quintile of the population than in the richest quintile.

Under article 18 (1) of the Bangladesh constitution, the state and government are obliged to ensure the nutritional development of the people, while the national health policy (2006) and national plan for children (2004–2009) specifically mention reducing childhood malnutrition. The poverty reduction strategy paper (2005), national food policy (2006) and country investment plan (2010) all prioritise nutrition and food security. in the global context, Bangladesh has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the child and committed to meeting the mDgs, many of which have strong links to nutrition. in addition, the

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